Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mockingbird Essay

                         Prompt #4:

My character for this writing prompt is going to be the main character/ narrator of this book; Jean Louise “Scout” Finch. I am writing about Scout because she has to face a tough obstacle during the book. The obstacle she has to face is a pretty powerful one; her Aunt Alexandra has moved in with the family. Their Aunt was just a mean and terrible person. When she moved in she started to take over the Finch home and tried to tell the family to do everything she wanted. If, you wanted to stay on Aunt Alex’s good side you did what she asked, well that is if she had a good side. Not matter how nice you were to  Aunt Alex, she would still say mean and offensive things to you, that’s just the kind of person she was. When she moved in with the family, she watched Scout’s father very closely trying to intimidate him. She wanted everyone to be afraid of her, which is good for her because everyone was afraid of her so she accomplished her goal. She tried to tell the Dad on how to run a family and how to run a successful household. 

Another obstacle that Scout faces through out the book is; is Tom Robinson's trial. This is another obstacle for Scout because her faith is tested because of other people's opinions of Tom Robinson. She has to show more maturity then she has before. The reason her faith is tested is because people during this time era were super prejudice. Scout has to learn that racism is a problem. A huge problem to say the least. She has to deal with racism, or at least learn how to do with it. “I’m simply defending a Negro—his name’s Tom Robinson. He lives in that little settlement beyond the town dump".

Another obstacle for Scout to cope with is; that people at her school are giving her a hard time. They are giving her a hard time because of her dad. They are saying awful things about her dad and their family in general. Scout wants to hit or punch some of the kids that are saying awful things. But, Atticus her brother is telling her not to and just to stay calm. If Scout were to fight anyone it would only make the problem first. Her family already heard bad things and they would hear worse things if Scout got into a fight at school. People would be saying that she is a "freak" , "psycho" or "crazy". “My folks said your daddy was a disgrace an‘ that (Blank) oughta hang from the water-tank!”

In conclusion, Scout has to face a lot of different problems or obstacles if you will. She has to deal with a lot of racism, a lot of people constantly picking on her dad and trying to defend her dad without being called "crazy". Scout has a very tough life from what is going on in her life. She also has to deal with her Aunt Alexandra; her aunt is a very mean and cruel person. She says mean and hurtful things to anyone she want. I chose Scout because she seemed to be the most interesting and most involved person out of anyone else in the book. 


  1. 1. the thesis seems to be is facing a challenge in life.
    2. "i am simply defending a negro" this is good because it is like hes another one of his clients hes defending and not treated any different because he is colored.
    3. i think he does good giving examples about different things.
    4. maybe he could try to do better with organizing it.

  2. You started off with a great sentence. I liked the defending quote about the black guy.You do a great job about giving different examples. I think you should organize it better.

  3. 1. your story starts with a general note.

    2. I didn't see any quotes from the book with page numbers

    3. one thing the story does well is describing the difficulties that scout goes through the book.\

    4. The only improvements that should be made for this essay is adding some quotes

  4. Your like how did your story, it could use a little more detail. But there weren't any quotes. It does describe the struggle very well. Just add some quotes and you'll be all set.

  5. 1) it stars off talking bout the main character/narrator Scout finch.
    2) “My folks said your daddy was a disgrace an‘ that (Blank) oughta hang from the water-tank!” this is the best quote because its the only one u used.
    3) the paragraphs are lengthy
    4) use more quotes.

  6. zack
    1. The thesis is that he seems to be having a hard life
    2. “My folks said your daddy was a disgrace an‘ that (Blank) oughta hang from the water-tank! ” this is pretty much saying people can be really racest to others.
    3. The amount of detail and examples were good
    4. bigger and better paragraphs

  7. 1. It started off on a good topic about aunt Alexandra and the obstacles she had to face.
    2. I like the first one the most cause it really explained to you about Alexandra Maturity.
    3. It does well with explaining Aunt Alexandra's life
    4. He couldve wrote more About aunt Akexandra.

  8. 1)He starts his essay with his intro.
    2)One quote that stood out is that kids made rumors about Boo saying that he eats cats.
    3)one thing this essay does well is talk about the story.
    4)This essay could use improvement on it's length.

  9. 1)it starts with him announcing who he chose to do it on.
    2)i liked the 3rd one cuz it helps give some backstory.
    3)it explains everything in great detail.
    4)i honestly didnt see anything huge wrong with this. good job zack!

  10. 1.)the essay started off good
    2.)when you were talking about Tom R and were he lived
    3.)how you said Scouts full name
    4.)the ending

  11. 1. Great job bruh.
    2. need some quotes
    3. good paragraphs

  12. 1.It starts with an intro
    2. the 3rd many details
    3. detail
    4.more quotes

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